Arbit is the first-ever mobile pricing tool for buyers and sellers in the sneaker resell market that determines the fair price on sneakers.

My Role

Lead designer
User research
UX design
User testing


Mobile web



The App

The app relies on an algorithm that calculates multiple factors such as rarity, brand, shoe model, color way, size, quality and hype of a sneaker to generate a fair-market price.

The Challenge

The vision for the product was clear, and the idea was already gaining attention from investors, but stakeholders needed a realistic prototype to demo for investors to support fundraising efforts.

The Approach

The UX strategy and high-fidelity design prototype was created using a 5-day Design Sprint process with a cross-functional team of stakeholders, strategists, designers, and engineers. I led the UX and UI design of the digital prototype, and collaborated on all other activities including proto personas, customer interviews, customer journey maps, and user testing.

The Result

The design prototype detailed out the user journey from awareness to price-checking a pair of shoes. Insights from user testing provided additional clarity about user personas and needs, which informed further iteration and refinement of the final prototype.

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